Student Essay Services in Orlando, FL

Sometimes a high school student or college undergrad can use a little help in communicating their thoughts on paper. While I do not write essays for these students (that’s not ethical), I provide content feedback and editing services to help the individual write a stronger paper. Your student will get a lesson on writing that will help them with all their school work.

I am proud to save I have worked with many high school, college, and masters program students in the greater Orlando and Central Florida areas, as well as across the country.

College Admissions Essay Coach

There’s a bit of a science that goes into writing an admissions essay that stands out in the crowd. Have you written something that not only answers the question but provides a clear picture of you as a person? Are you selling how you’d be a great addition to the school or just saying how much you’d enjoy the opportunity to attend? Let me coach you in the admissions essay writing process and edit your work so that it’s the strongest it can be. Note: I do not write essays for people; I help you write and strengthen the required submission. Fees start at $50 for a typical 500 word essay and go up depending on length.

Student Papers

Sometimes in high school, college, or graduate school one paper carries a lot of weight toward the final grade. In that instance, isn’t it worth it to have an Ivy League honors student and professional editor maximize your paper so it can get the best grade it can? My services are available to help with project papers, theme papers, and college theses. Note: I do not write papers for people; I help you write and strengthen the required submission. Fees begin at $50 and vary depending on type of edit, length of paper, and student’s school level.