Copy Editing & Book Editing Services in Orlando, FL

Word of Mouth offers an affordable range of writing and editing services. There are pricing options for all budgets. No job is too big or too small. 

I am an established editor in Orlando, Florida with numerous books of all subjects under my belt. I have provided author coaching and book editing of various levels to authors across the country, including many in the greater Central Florida area.

Book and Manuscript Editing Services

Behind every great writer stands a great editor. You’ve put a lot of thought and passion into the work you’ve written; now let me make it shine. Editing is an essential step in creating professional quality material. It should not be skipped and is worth the investment, especially if you plan to self-publish.

As your editor, I’ll worry over grammar, syntax, and word choice so you can focus on writing. I’ll also watch for clarity and continuity, and make sure your story draws the reader in and answers their questions. Fees vary by the type of edit requested. Services are available for Line/Copy Edits (grammar, clarity, readability, and continuity checks) to advanced Developmental Edits that oversee the creation of the entire book. Ghostwriting service is also available for those who have the idea and a good portion of the words on paper but want a professional writer to enhance and complete the work. Interested in publishing self-publishing your story? I’m available to coach and assist you through this process. 

Types of Copy Editing and Rates

There are several levels of editing that an author can choose from depending on the depth of the edit they want. From my years as an editor for a publishing company, I have focused on the following editing levels as my specialty. I edit all manuscripts according to The Chicago Manual of Style. Not sure of the level of edit you need? Ask for a sample edit (please call first).

Line/Copy Editing

I correct the writing, making edits at the sentence level to improve flow and readability. I do not comment on the work in any way. One edit of the work is included.  $0.02 per word.

Enhanced Line/Copy Editing

Based on the Line Editing above but with notations in the margins guiding the author on where/how to make changes. I point out improvements that can be made, but I do not necessarily make those improvements (as an example, moving sections of the work around). You can choose one round of editing for $0.03 per word or two rounds of editing for $0.04 per word.  

Developmental Editing

This has an Enhanced Line Editing as its base, but goes further. Editorial comments are more extensive; I rewrite and reorganize the material as needed. Includes two rounds of edits but also phone consultations to discuss the work with the author. Pricing depends on the scope of work and is costed per word.

Ghostwriting Service

Ghostwriting service is available for those who have the idea and a good portion of the words on paper. Call or email to see if I would be a good fit with your project.

Per word price may be able to be negotiated for high word counts and extended timelines for turnaround.

Phone consultations added to the Line Edit or Enhanced Line Edit

$25 per hour, 1 hour minimum.