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Welcome to Grandparenting

Welcome to Grandparenting

Today’s changing world calls for a new way of grandparenting, whether you are a first time grandparent or a grandparent many times over. In Welcome to Grandparenting you’ll discover lots of ideas for creative activities that nurture your grandchildren at every age – birth through young adulthood. Learn to be a “spontaneous grandparent” who makes heartfelt connections and watch your relationships with your grandchildren and their parents grow.

The ghost of Alloway

Step into the past and enjoy the adventures of The Ghost of Alloway! Meet Sir James who is off to join George Washington’s army after hiding his family’s treasure. Watch as the returning Revolutionary War soldier transforms into the charming Ghost of Alloway who takes to roaming the countryside. Join in the laughter as he scares the town bully and becomes an invisible guardian to young Willie. Chuckle as the ghost
encounters Andrew, a thief, who is determined to get to the treasure ahead of him.
The Ghost of Alloway is an entertaining journey through early colonial America. The story invites young readers into the daily challenges and struggles of early colonists, giving them a taste of a young America. The Ghost travels from his beloved Alloway, New Jersey to and from White Plains, New York, noting the many changes after our country’s independence. It is an enchanting historical story based on an old folklore.

109 Ways Book Series

109 Ways to Survive the New Baby

109 Ways to Survive the New Baby  (Series book 1)

With the new baby almost or already here, it’s time to put down the traditional baby books and get real. Not that those books aren’t full of useful advice—they most certainly are. They just don’t focus on the immediate period of upheaval and adjustment that we all have to get through when a new baby comes home…


109 Ways to Shop Outside the Box

109 Ways to Shop Outside the Box (109 Ways Series Book 2)

Do you love shopping? Do you hate it? In today’s commercial-driven world, it almost doesn’t matter as you’re likely spending a good portion of your time doing it. It takes a lot of stuff to keep our lives running—groceries, office supplies, clothing, gasoline, home goods, technologies, entertainment. Finding and getting all this stuff impacts your schedule and your wallet. Since time and money are precious resources for each of us, it makes sense to maximize your expenditure of them… 

109 Ways to Manage Your Divorce

109 Ways to Manage Your Divorce (109 Ways Series Book 3)

Dissolving your married relationship can be one of the most trying and turbulent times in your life. Divorce is as punishing as you can get. No one enters into their marriage planning for it to end, so when the reality is that it’s better to part ways you may find yourself overwhelmed by the emotional and practical matters that need to be handled. This book is compiled from other people’s divorce experiences. It offers forethought and words of wisdom. It is written to save you from extra pain and suffering during a very difficult period of your life…

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