Word Of Mouth

Let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Schacht and I hope to have the pleasure of working with you.

My life has revolved around words since I learned to read at 3 years old. I have yet to find a bookstore or library I haven’t liked, and you’re sure to find me with something written in hand more times than not. Why do I share this? Because when you have exposed yourself to countless forms of writing and played with words for as many years as I have, it becomes as natural as breathing to manipulate them into doing your bidding. If words are the bricks of communication and understanding, then I’m a master builder.

My education and work experience supports this. I graduated valedictorian from a private NY high school with several academic awards and hold a BA in English from Cornell University, where I graduated with Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honors (the top 10% of the university and my college respectively). Having been a top student, I derive a lot of pleasure from helping high school, college and graduate school students make their graded papers and admissions essays their best.

For over 15 years, my professional career has involved research, writing, editing, teaching, marketing and innovation work in one form or another. I began as a Research & Program Coordinator on the Disney Institute project for The Walt Disney World Company. I then worked as a Facilitator & Creative Process Consultant with Ideas To Go, Inc., assisting Fortune 500 companies with generating ideas for consumer focused products and marketing concepts. As an Innovationist with NowVation, Inc., I continue to work in the fields of creative problem solving, consumer-centric ideation, and qualitative market research. What this brief resume means is that I have unique experience in leveraging consumer wants and needs and in guiding product concept development, marketing communications, and business strategy. It’s a goal of mine to bring the tools and services used by successful national and global organizations to small businesses everywhere.

The Quality and Timeliness

I work hard to get your project back to you in a timely matter.


It is very convenient to work with me. I provided insights that do not alter your writing but instead improved it.

Why People Choose
Word of Mouth

If you would like to read my professional resume, feel free to explore my profile on LinkedIn.